Prime Role of Optometrist in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is expanding with each passing day. Optometry is one such field that requires the right experts who play an important role in a patient’s vision and eye health. This is a rewarding career option that deals with an all-around analysis study of eyes, contact lenses, spectacles, and all other aspects related to vision. The best part about this field is that you can study optometry courses in India right after completing your 12th standard. Optometrists are doctors, who perform eye diagnosis, diagnose vision conditions and prescribe the required therapy.

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Role of optometrists in overall healthcare

Optometrists can work in clinics, hospitals, teaching institutions, the ophthalmic industry, and on various research projects. These are the professionals who are on the front line of vision health. The main responsibilities and job roles of optometrists are:

• Examination, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of any kind of disorders and diseases of our visual system
• Diagnosing the visual manifestation of several systematic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and other eye-related complications brought about due to the age factor
• Providing prescription of medication to treat any kind of eye diseases and conditions
• Prescription and fitting of contact lenses, eyeglasses, and other safety wears
• Provides primary eye care

They work alongside other healthcare professionals like nurses, general practitioners, etc. to make sure that the patient receives the best eye care as possible. Like other healthcare professionals, optometrists also require specialized education before treating their patients. With the growing demand for optometrists, the demand for optometry courses in India is also growing very fast. The scope of optometrist practice in India is great and unlimited.

Skills required for a career in optometry

If you want to make a career in optometry, then you should be willing to serve people with any kind of eye issue. The role of an optometrist involves working with contact lenses which requires a high level of precision and accuracy. The right education is necessary to understand the field better.

They are required to work in teams with other technicians and ophthalmologists. The candidate must have completed his 10+2 in the science stream with a minimum of 50% marks in order to do a bachelor’s degree in optometry. After completion of the undergraduate course, they can go opt for higher education like M.Phil., M. Opt, M.S. etc., and may follow it up with PhD in India or abroad. Pursuing the right course from one of the best optometry colleges in India will be of great help to become successful optometrists.

Job prospects

After completion of the optometry courses, an optometrist has numerous career opportunities. It is always better to visit the website of the top colleges and universities delivering optometry courses. Read more about the kind of opportunities offered to the aspirants after completion of the course from the official website of the college.

The demand for optometrists is very high in India as well as abroad. After completing the course, the optometrist has several career opportunities. They can work with optic showrooms, eye departments at hospitals, eye hospitals, and ophthalmic lens industry, etc. They may seek employment in top MNCs dealing with any kind of eye care products. Apart from this, they can establish an independent practice by starting their own optical shop, lens manufacturing unit, eye clinics, etc.