Perks of Pursuing PGDM in Management Instead of an MBA

The two most popular management courses that students want to get enrolled in are PGDM and MBA. The students from different backgrounds take up these courses in their quest for climbing the corporate ladder. Those who work understand the importance of pursuing a management course in the long corporate-run.

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While it comes to choose between MBA and PGDM in management, the students are a bit confused. While MBA is much-touted for the tag it already has, the PGDM course is not far behind. The PGDM tilts the scales in its favour for different reasons.

Here are the perks of pursuing PGDM over an MBA.

• Industry-centric course curriculum: PGDM courses are planned in such a way that they are as per the industry. The courses are generally modified year to year to keep up with the modern latest industry needs. PGDM has a more progressive approach and is more oriented towards the learner.

• Choice of specialization: When you enrol to a PGDM course, you can focus in the areas of your preference. If you choose Finance as a specialization subject, you get the chance to choose marketing as a minor specialization in the second year. This helps in providing a broader scope giving you better options during placement. Read more to know about different specializations available.

• Developing skills: The institutes that offer PGDM courses offer an atmosphere that is different from a regular university classroom. As a student pursuing PGDM, you can easily get a lot of hands-on corporate exposure that helps one to hone communication skills. You can easily sharpen the interpersonal skills amongst the friends through different interactive sessions.

• Placement opportunities: PGDM curriculum includes practical exposure to industries through different organizational studies, internships, and on-job projects that help the students to easily build a corporate network. Most of the colleges have connections with renowned companies. They organize job fairs and ensure that all the students get fair chance. Visit the website of the colleges to know about the companies that visit for placement opportunities.

• Better exposure: A PGDM student has the opportunity of experiencing institution-sponsored management internships. The students get to meet the industry leaders easily and gain first-hand insights as to how modern business functions. Apart from the classrooms, they can also get real-time exposure to the world of business.

• Seasoned faculty members: Most of the reputed institutes offer PGDM courses in Tamil Nadu that employ highly knowledgeable and well-qualified faculty members that have academic as well as corporate experience. These teachers take it upon themselves to mentor their students to help them lead outstanding life.

• Multiple Skill sets: These days a degree in management studies is not going to help you climb the corporate ladder. It is essential to develop good skill sets. Undergoing a PGDM course can help you develop different sets through various programs making you job-ready by giving you leadership as well as managerial skills.

So, these were quite a few perks of pursuing a PGDM in Management. If you are also willing to pursue a management degree, then go for it. Apply now.